Sizzling Red Hot Mentoring Program


Discover your passion and purpose

After discovering your passion and purpose for life, you’ll be ready to create your own dream lifeIn this session you’ll discover:

  • What your passion and purpose for life is
  • Why discovering your passion now is the best time
  • Why discovering your passion and purpose is the key to living your dream life
  • Stacey’s inspiring story of how discovering her passion at a young age, transformed her life forever
  • How by discovering your passion and purpose you can transform your life too

And lots more!!


Discover what your true values are

Do your decisions sometimes not feel quite right for you? Perhaps they are not consistent with your values. Do you know what your true values are?

Your values are determined by everything that has happened to you in your life. The influence of your family and friends, your religious views, your education, your learning’s and many more factors have helped determine what is important to you. If you look at your life so far and the way you are living today, you will have a sense of your values.

Once you have defined your values you will begin to understand the impact they have on every aspect of your life. Your values are the key to successful decision making, contribution and interaction with people. Your values are your answer to achieving your goals and your life purpose.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • What your top 3 true values are
  • How to consistently live by your top 3 values
  • Unlock your inner happiness just by living true to your values on a daily basis

And lots more!!


Create your dream vision board

How you are living now tells you exactly what you have been visualising up until now. How will your new life look? Create your very own dream vision board so you can see where you are heading each and every day.It’s amazing how powerful vision boards can be. All these goals you have sometimes seem like fantasies, yet once you have them clearly in front of you, your focus moves towards them.A vision board will transform your life forever. It is a tool that allows your mind to create the life you dream of. Hang your vision board somewhere that you will see it every day. You will be amazed how your goals will come to life. In this session you’ll discover:

  • How to create your very own dream vision board
  • The power of your vision board and seeing your dreams and fantasies actually come true
  • How you can transform your own life forever, simply by having your vision chart visible each day

And lots more!!


Goal setting and taking action

Your successes in life are the results of the goals you set and the actions you take. Good planning will ensure you stay on track and keep moving forward. This Goal Achievement Plan is the blueprint for your new life.

Have you been dreaming of your ideal life? Have you attended the seminars, read the books, listened to the CDs but still find yourself waiting for ‘it’ to happen? Why keep waiting? Decide to move forward, set a goal and take action on it and you will be unstoppable. Today is action day, start now and all your dreams will come to life.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • That today is ACTION day
  • Your top five goals you have been putting off that you really want to accomplish
  • How to put together a clear action plan for your top 5 goals
  • That once you have set your goal and action plan this will be your key to unlock the door to your success.
  • I’ll even give you my FREE goal Achievement Plan template for you to use and put together your plan

And lots more!!


Commit and persist for success

How many times have you broken a commitment to yourself? Persistence is vital to making it to the top.

A great leader knows that success requires a HUGE amount of commitment and persistence.

Small steps will eventually lead you to your goal but first you must make a commitment and stick to it.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How commitment and persistence will be the key to your success
  • How planting your seeds now and committing and persisting on nurturing them daily will eventually have you reaping your hard earned rewards
  • My stepbystep guide in how to keep focused and commit to your goals each and every day

And lots more!!


Surround yourself with positive and influential people

Are your friendships good quality? Are they full of positivity or do you regularly get together for a whinge and a whine? Life is too short for negative people. Become a positive person who attracts positive friends.

Did you know the most highly influential and successful people in the world ONLY surround themselves with positive people? If you want success in your life, it’s a fact that you need to start immediately to surround yourself only with positive people.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Stacey’s simple but proven exercise in which she was able to discover who her positive and negative friends were
  • Why you stay surrounded by negative people and how and where to find positive influential people
  • The power and influence being surrounded by positive people has on your success
  • Why being surrounded by positive people is crucial to you conquering your goals
  • What impact being surrounded by positive people has on your whole entire life
  • Stacey’s stepbystep guide to setting up your very own entrepreneurs group

And lots more!!


Fitting it ALL in family, friends, business, exercise the LOT

Think you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Let me show you how to make the most of every minute.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How to establish a routine so that you can have it all
  • That being an extremely organised working mum/dad will also enable you to lead you closer to your passions and dreams
  • By having too many excuses will be the reason for you not succeeding with your work, life, balance
  • Unlocking your excuses and creating a plan to make it all happen
  • You’ll also get Stacey’s simple but proven exercise so that you can take back control
  • Learn how to establish a routine to make this happen

And lots more!!


Believe you are the most AMAZING person

Do you look at other people and wish you were like them? Discover yourself belief and have others wish they were like you.

Let’s get one thing straight… everybody, at some stage in their life, lacks self belief.

WE ALL have self belief issues, so acknowledge it, get over it, and move on.

One of the differences between the unsuccessful people and the successful people is that the successful people don’t allow their self doubts and negative thoughts to consume them. They learn to develop a strong belief in themselves by retraining their negative thoughts into positive thoughts it’s as easy as that!!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How by focusing on positive self talk can transform yourself belief
  • By focusing on what you want and having the self belief to know you will get it will be the key to attracting it
  • The power of retraining your mindset to think of yourself as an amazing person
  • Stacey’s simple but proven list that will keep you accountable everyday

And lots more!!


Dealing with fear

Do you make excuses about why you can’t achieve great things? How many of your dreams have you put on hold because of your brilliant excuses? This topic will help you uncover your fears and transform those excuses into opportunities.

We all have fears, every one of us. What really makes the difference is how you acknowledge your fears and what you do to get over them.

Do you ever look back to when you were younger and remember that you had a dream of being something? Do you look back with regret at not fulfilling that dream? Do you continue to do what you are doing because it is safe and comfortable? Do you question why you never achieved the dreams you had all those years ago?

There are so many fears that can hold us back. The most important task to work on is to identify which fear you are being affected by, so you can deal with it and move forward.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Stacey’s simple but proven exercise in which she was able to acknowledge her fears, bring them to the surface, get over them and live her dream life
  • Simply by discovering your fear; the power you have now to do anything you dream of
  • The reasons why you have not chased your dreams and goals simply by holding onto your fears
  • What an amazing life you can live by discovering your fears and moving forward

And lots more!!


Thinking outside the square

Do you think the same way as most people? Do you seem to get the same measly results as most people? What if there was another way? Get pumped because it’s time to train your brain to think differently.

The most successful people are the ones who think outside the square. Most people in society think very similar thoughts when trying to achieve success. This ultimately leads you to the same results as most people get, which is why so few people actually achieve great success. Successful entrepreneurs see things differently to most people, and find ways to achieve their goals that others did not consider.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How to train your brain to think outside the square
  • The amazing difference in your results once you start to do things differently
  • How easy it is to think outside the square
  • True, tried and tested examples of how Stacey thought outside the square and achieved amazing results
  • The secrets to contacting your dream client/mentor simply by thinking outside the square

And lots more!!


Become that person you would put on a pedestal

Do you feel you are not smart enough, pretty enough, lucky enough? Do you look at others and think they must be better than you in order to be so successful? This chapter will put YOU on the top of that pedestal you usually put others on.

Have you attended countless workshops, seminars and bought so many books hoping for an answer? It took me a long time to realise the answers I was searching for were often in fact right inside me the whole time. We often spend money on finding an answer which in fact is already inside us if we dig deep.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How to dig deep and find the answer from within before you spend thousands of dollars trying to find the answer
  • By putting yourself on a pedestal and stop comparing yourself to others, your results will sky rocket
  • What to do with the information when you discover you actually have it within you
  • The amazing results you will get once you start blowing your own trumpet from on top of your pedestal

And lots more!!


Instead of following, lead and show others the way

Are you someone who waits for others to take the lead so you can follow them to success? Do you want to create your very own destiny and lead yourself into your own future? You will be amazed at how simple it is to step up and become the leader you have been following.

There are plenty of people out there waiting for others to take them to the top. If you keep searching and waiting for others to get you there, it will never ever happen. You must step up, take action and lead the way towards your own success. Once you take control of your destiny by becoming a leader, the right people will come to you to help you on your way.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • The minute you make the decision to become a leader how much everything you desire will fall into place
  • How much your self confidence and self belief will sky rocket once you start seeing results by making that decision to become a leader
  • An amazing new life in which you have control to do whatever it is you dream of doing, just by becoming that leader and leading yourself to your very own success
  • You have the chance to show others the way, and be the expert rather than just another person waiting for someone else to take the lead
  • You can show that anyone can do this and empower others to do the same
And lots more!!


Healthy Lifestylemake it a habit

When you see someone successful, do you ask yourself “how does she do it”? Have you noticed most successful people have a massive amount of energy? To have that amount of energy requires a health and vitality. Make today the beginning of your new healthy lifestyle.

When you make the decision to get on the road to success, it is crucial for you to not only have a healthy mind but a healthy body also.

If you are on a journey towards living your dream life, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of taking action and beginning today to live a healthy lifestyle

In this session you’ll discover:

  • That there is incredible power in having a healthy diet, exercising, socialising, having family time, sleeping well and drinking lots of water
  • You don’t need to be an expert on health to know that keeping your body in good shape will help you achieve more every day.
  • Once you start living a healthy lifestyle the amazing amount of energy you will find you never knew you had
  • your inner fire that will burn even more once you start living a healthy lifestyle

And lots more!!


Everything you desire will eventually come to you

The universe is ready to work for you and give you everything you desire. Take small steps towards your goal and allow the universe to deliver.

Have you heard of the movie and book phenomenon ‘The Secret’?

When the movie first came out I had no idea how the universe worked but I totally GOT IT once I saw the movie. So much of the stuff they talked about was actually happening to me.

After years of taking small steps and taking action in the right direction, always believing I would get there, the universe opened up for me and was throwing my desires at me from all angles. When I started to understand how the universe had played its part in transforming my life, I wanted to share what I had learned with others.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • That as soon as you get clear, accept who you are, know exactly what you want, and are living congruently with your unique values, the universe will rally around you and things will fall into place.
  • Once you put these steps in place, all your dreams, visions and desires will come to you
  • Every day something amazing will happen to take you closer to your BIG dream
  • when you open your mind and take note of everything that happens each hour of each day. Every time something happens, there is a message for you if you are listening
  • let me say it again.. That as soon as you get clear, accept who you are, know exactly what you want, and are living congruently with your unique values, the universe will rally around you and things will fall into place.

And lots more!!


Don’t wait until everything is perfect

It always amazes me the amount of people who put off starting their business because they feel they don’t have anything to start with. Are you someone who waits for everything to be perfect? Do you put off your dream business idea because you talk yourself into believing that you don’t have the perfect furniture, brochures, equipment etc? Do you want to build your very own business? If I could show you how I managed to take my business from making $100 per month to $100,000 per month starting from using a camping table, a chair off the hard rubbish, a laptop and a phone you would want to know right!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How sourcing the best suppliers is key to starting YOUR successful business
  • That you don’t need to put yourself in debt to build a successful business
  • That by using second hand furniture you can still create a successful business
  • The two most simple but most fearful tactics used to building a successful busines


Target Markets

Let’s hit the bullseye of your target market. Are you the type of person who markets your product/service to anyone and everyone? Do you wonder why the hell no body is interested in your product/service? Have you even sat down to actually really nut it out and define who your target market is? What if you had your bulls’ eye target market? What if every time you marketed to your ideal target market you found yourself winning many sales? How would it feel to you, knowing that every time you email, call or drop into your prospect that they actually have a need and a want for your product or service?

In this session you’ll discover:

  • That by defining your target market is they key to winning many sales
  • Who YOUR exact target market is
  • Knowing your target market will eliminate A LOT of wasted time


YOUR ideal client

Do you get excited by every single sale you make even the one’s which take up so much of your time and energy? Do you frequently spend precious time chasing up payment for invoice? Do you have clients who constantly complain about price, quality etc? Imagine for one minute you could rate your clients from A-D having A clients as your preferred, dream client and D being your not so ideal client. Imagine what it would be like to only take on board A and B clients, the clients who allow your business to run as smooth as possible. What would your business look and feel like when you weed out your not so desired client? No more chasing payments just imagine that!!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Who YOUR exact ideal client is
  • The benefits of only dealing with your ideal client
  • How by nutting out you’re A, B, C, and D clients you can have a much more productive business


Understanding Marketing and Brand Development

Do you view your marketing as an expense or an investment? When you begin to understand that marketing is all about (buying clients) you truly begin to look at your marketing campaigns a lot differently. What if every time you did a marketing campaign and every marketing dollar you spent came back into your business plus more? Do you even have marketing ideas? Do you use your marketing plan on a weekly/monthly basis? Be honest here..Do you even have a marketing plan? When you have a plan in front of you each day, it’s far easier to hit your bulls’ eye!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How you can look at your marketing as an investment rather than an expense
  • Stacey’s 100 different marketing ideas
  • Stacey’s example marketing plan in which you can start using today in your business


Sales and how to win them

Do you have an amazing product or service ready and waiting to be sold BUT you have a fear of sales? Do you day dream about the day when you can afford to hire a TOP sales rep? Do you wonder WHY no one knows who you are or what you offer? What if I could show you my step by step sales plan that had me securing my very first sale of $15,000 from a large dream corporate client! What if YOU could become that sales rep that you are dreaming of?

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Stacey’s 7 step plan to winning a sale
  • Stacey’s tried and tested phone script that has won her many sales
  • That sales is really not as scary as you think


Systems and how to create them

Do you want to discover how you can build your business and then have your employees run it whilst you work ON it rather than work IN it? Do you day in day out do everything in your business; from invoicing, sales, marketing, packing, delivering, cleaning the toilets etc etc wondering how on earth you are ever going to grow this business to the level you dream about. What if there was a way in which you could systemise all of your tasks, have your employees work with the systems without you even needing to tell them what or how to do it, and allow you to work on building the most important components of your business.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • A simple process in which you can create your systemised procedures
  • Stacey’s example step by step system in which her employees work from
  • That the initial hard work of creating your systems will pay off and have you enjoying your business


Test and Measure

How many times have you done a marketing campaign only to run with the campaign and hope you win a sale? Have you ever done a marketing campaign and sat back and waited for the sales to fly through the door? Have you even tested and measured your results from your marketing campaign? How would it feel to you if you knew what marketing campaign worked and what didn’t work? How brilliant would it be if you knew exactly what campaign to focus on, the marketing campaign that worked so well that you just repeated it time and time again and got the same brilliant results? Well here is your chance to learn how to test and measure all of your marketing campaigns that will have you eliminating time wasting activities versus productive money making activities.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Stacey’s simple tried and tested example test and measure template
  • The importance of testing and measuring what is working and what is not


Leverage everything you loathe and do what you love

Do you on a daily basis get bombarded by all of the crappy flea type tasks in your business? The tasks that take you away from focusing on the BIG important tasks of growing your business. Are you forever putting out fires in each area of your business and find yourself at the end of the day realising you have not focused any of your attention on the most important area of your business growth? That every day seems like a battle and the dream business you so desired has now turned into a full time horror “job”? Do you frequently question how other business owners seem to be able to go on regular holidays and leave their business to run without them? Imagine you can pack up your family and head off for a 3 week holiday knowing your business will be looked after.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Different ways in which you can leverage your business which will have you focusing on bigger and better stuff
  • That once the hard work is done ONCE you can leverage off it FOREVER!


Mastermind yourself and others to reach your full potential

Are you a sole business owner who either works from home or works in an office all by yourself? Do you frequently feel lonely and have no body to talk to? How many times have you thought to yourself that you are NOT normal because you just can’t seem to mingle with the mums at the school or your family don’t understand what you talk about or you get BORED with small talk and so you question how normal you are? Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs go through a stage in their business building days where they talked them selves into believing they are not normal and feel different to the average person? This is not a healthy way of living as it lowers your self esteem and you find yourself constantly questioning your self belief. What most if not all of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world found was that by surrounding themselves with likeminded business people their self belief grew to an almighty high, they stopped questioning their abnormality, they realised they were different but in a positive way and they found they could network and brainstorm their business to successful heights.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Stacey’s step by step plan on how you can set up your very own mastermind group
  • That by attending a regular mastermind group you will never feel lonely and isolated again
  • That once you create this mastermind group you will ignite that business dream once again and have supportive members help you get to the next level


Give back in order to receive

We all crave success in our lives – and success can be gained so easily! For us to achieve this success, the key is to give back! Do you have a favourite cause in which you would love to contribute your valuable time? Do you frequently tell yourself when you are making good money you will give back? Did you know you can give back in a tremendous way by just giving your time? Or have you often thought of contributing to a worthy cause however your not quite sure what type of foundation or charity would be your ideal to work with?

In this session you’ll discover:

  • What cause you can contribute to knowing that by giving you receive
  • A few questions to help you realise what type of community charity would be aligned and a passion for you to work with


Blow YOUR trumpet

Are you the type of person who achieves amazing results but no body ever hears of them? Do you quietly boast about your achievements maybe to your pet dog? Or do you want to shout it out to the world but fear people will think you love yourself? Guys in order for people to know who you are, what you do and how amazing your business is YOU must be the trumpet blower and your own cheer leader. No body will boast about yourself and your business the way in which you can. You don’t need to be full of yourself and do it in a “love yourself” way, however to have people know who you are and what you do it is critical that someone is out there telling the world you actually exist.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • Why it is so important to blow your own trumpet and become your own cheerleader
  • YOUR 7 day action plan which will have you boasting about your achievements
  • That this “small” simple activity has so much power behind it


Celebrity Brand Yourself with NO cost, low cost, rolls Royce PR

How many times do you see your competitor in the media and think “how on earth did they get into that”? Do you constantly question how you can achieve this? I bet if you knew how easy it was that you would say to yourself “is that all it takes”! I also bet that if you took action on this session and you got yourself into a magazine, on TV in a newspaper that you would become addicted to PR!! I know how simple PR is because I have managed to get in newspapers, TV, magazines etc time and time again without having a PR agency. I have also helped a few people to get onto TV, magazines etc so I do have a little understanding of how it works. How would it feel to you knowing that once you put in the initial work (yes beginning is always WORK) that you became the “industry expert” in your field? That YOU had the media calling YOU for expert advice? That YOU were on their database of the “expert go to person” in your field!!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How you can do your own NO cost PR
  • How you can create your newsworthy angle story
  • Stacey’s example professional press release which you can use for your own PR
  • Stacey’s step by step guide to calling a “media” company with your story
  • Stacey’s BEST sources for finding PR opportunities
  • Stacey’s source website that have literally 1000’s of media contact names and numbers


Speak to build your credibility

Have you attended many business events and watched the speaker and thought to yourself “gee I would love to be able to speak at business events like that person”? Have you heard and read time and time again that to leverage your business you ‘should’ become a speaker on your business topic? Do you ‘get’ becoming a speaker is an almighty leverage tool for your business brand? BUT do you question ‘how’ you can achieve this, how you can get over your fear, where to find speaking opportunities, how to present your speaker kit to your desired prospects and most important how to then turn your speaking role into a ‘paid’ speaking business?

In this session you’ll discover:

  • A low cost solution that Stacey used to help you deal with your fear of becoming a professional speaker
  • How to create your very own speaker profile kit at a low costHow and where to find speaking opportunities
  • That by speaking for free to begin with is just part of the business!
  • That by having a professional speaker profile kit is important when asking for paid speaking opportunity