You know when I am talking on stage to my audience’s, one of the key topics I talk about on the road to success whether business, fitness, family, fun whatever it is you are wanting to achieve your dream goals one of my favourite topics is “commitment”….

The reason I touch on this topic is because SO many people want to reach their ultimate goals and they start out all excited and on fire, but then they come across a challenge and they wake up and see it’s going to be a 30 degree day so they think “oh screw it I’m going to the beach today, I’ve worked hard so I’m going to take a well deserved day off”, now I know there are A LOT of people out there claiming to build a multi million dollar company by sitting on the beach in your jocks but that’s not how I grew my business so I can only share with you my real true experiences. My reality was in the first 3 years of business; NO wage, NO holidays, NO long weekends, NO time to take a sick day, NO beach days and when the kids were sick they came to the office with me, I had to work work work every single day!!

Heck today it’s the Easter long weekend and here I am at my factory with my kiddies because I choose not to take 4 days off work, I have a goal I am aiming for so I have set my discipline to get my few tasks out of the way early and once I’ve completed my tasks its all focused on my kids and family; you may not agree with me to be working on a long weekend however my results over the years have shown me otherwise. Anyone who tells you that you can build a successful business and never have to work again is telling you porky’s LOL…

With the major transformation of my entire life I want you to understand so strongly that with introducing small changes into your life each day and by staying committed for the long haul, you WILL without a doubt see minor changes within months, big changes in a couple of years and massive changes in five years. What then happens is with each small change a new door of an opportunity knocks and you open that door and conquer it, your confidence builds and then another opportunity knocks that you didn’t even see coming, you jump at opening that door and again conquer it, your self esteem grows to an almighty high until this positive new life becomes an addiction. You wake up happy, you go to bed excited, you love your children, and you know all of the hard work you put in all of those years was so worth the life you are now living.

I use to ask myself “Why is it that we are all born with the same set of fingers, toes, eyes, ears and nose and yet some of us turn out to be rich people and some of us turn out to be poor people”? Why are some of us successful and some unsuccessful?

As I studied successful people I looked closely at their traits and characteristics. I began to realise that successful people don’t just do one or two things well, they do many things and they work on them daily. Success is not something you can achieve by going to a seminar or taking a magic pill. Success is hard work.

The good news is that you can learn to become successful and learn the traits that other successful people have learnt.

Here are some key tips I used when changing my life; I still use these daily and now they are habits.

Characteristics and Traits of Highly Successful People

Have a dream or passion

All successful people have a passion and a purpose in life. Each action they take is designed to take them another step closer to fulfilling their passion and purpose. They know exactly where they are going and are always focused on the end result. Obstacles that appear don’t stop them from their mission to do whatever it takes to pursue their vision.

Work to a plan

Successful people develop and implement a plan of action. They visualise the end result and work backwards. Without a plan, you cannot be sure that the action you are taking today will in fact lead you to the goal you have set for yourself. Create a plan of action and stick to it.

Never ever take no for an answer

When successful people hear the word no, they immediately start to think how they can find another way. When a successful person comes across a challenge, instead of wondering ‘whether’ it can be done, they wonder ‘how’ it can be done.

Work hard

Successful people value their time and know that their hard work will eventually pay off. They expect extraordinary results from themselves and put in 100%.

Success does not happen overnight. It is a step by step, year by year process that can be frustrating and confusing at times. By around the five year mark you will usually start to see real results.

Unfortunately, most people quit before this happens. That goes some way to explaining why there are only a small percent of successful people. The successful people keep at it until finally they hit their desired target.

Become a lifelong learner

When I read about successful people who started out with nothing, I found that it was often their willingness and determination to learn and change that took them forward.

Successful people constantly ask questions. They know that learning never stops. There are always new ways of looking at things and there is always more to learn. They attend seminars, listen to CDs and read every day. They take action on what they learn, pushing themselves further, and opening the door for more learning.

Believe in yourself

Everybody at some stage in their lives lacks self belief. We all wonder at some point if we have the confidence and skills to get where we want to go. The difference is that the successful people don’t allow their self doubts and negative thoughts to consume them. They accept their faults and learn to believe in themselves through retraining their negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Be self reliant and take responsibility

Successful people do not complain or blame others for the way their life is going. They take responsibility for their own future.

Once they have made a decision, they get into action. They do not wait for anybody’s approval to achieve what they desire.

Successful people have a vision and a plan and they take action themselves to make it happen.

Live in the ‘now’

Successful people do not waste time; they use each minute to create their vision. They know that now is the only time they have.

When they are at home they focus on their family, when they are at work they focus on work, when they are out for dinner they enjoy their meal. They achieve a lot by working hard in the ‘now’. Every day is valuable and they take full advantage of each day.

Visualise the future

Successful people have a vision. They do things others say can’t be done.

Their vision is so strong they live their lives as if their vision has already been achieved. Living in this way creates the space for reality to catch up with the vision, and soon they have achieved their goal.

Act fast

Successful people don’t waste time thinking about what needs to be done; they just start it and finish it. When they see an opportunity they take immediate action.

They understand that the faster you move the quicker you accomplish your tasks. They never procrastinate and do not get side tracked. They keep focused until the job is complete.


Successful people know the importance of surrounding themselves with other successful people. They attend mastermind groups or entrepreneur clubs to help guide them in their desired direction.

Successful people value friendships and relationships. They are interested in everybody from the waitress to the millionaire and communicate with each person on the same level.

Have commitment and determination

Successful people have such a strong ambition that they have no choice but to achieve what they have set out to achieve. They have the drive, determination and enthusiasm that keep’s them focused on their vision.

They have made a commitment for the long haul, knowing their pay off will eventually come. They don’t worry about the hard work because they know what will follow.

Make a commitment to focus on one of these areas each day. With practice they will become habits and you will have developed the traits and characteristics of a successful person.


And lastly deep deep gratitude for reading this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…If you feel this blog gave you some helpful advice and ONLY if it inspired you or you had a “light bulb” moment, please do me a favour and in return of me sharing my gold nuggets with you, please share my blog. I want to provide you with as much insights into my transformations as possible and by reaching an audience far and wide I am able to help many more people to reach their dreams and goals; because if a 21 year old single mum with 3 kids, living in a shitty unit, with a shitty VB car, no help and support what so ever, NO money given to me, can go and transform her life into the life I am living now; ANYONE can do it….. and I am here to show you how…

Have a HAPPY day,

Stacey xxx


*disclaimer* the words chaos and drama are overused but i got a little passionate writing this blog LOL

There comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it’s not giving up. It’s realising you don’t need certain people and the drama they bring- Author Unknown

When I was living in a chaotic world full of drama, homelessness and low self worth, I had lots of company in my misery. People would call or visit every day to hear all about the latest disaster I had created. My life was like one of those awful TV series; my fans couldn’t wait for the next episode and I was the star of the show. When I eventually decided I’d had enough of this life and was ready to create my dream life and pursue my passion, my daily drama episodes stopped and my fans dropped away.

I had created an addiction drama, I couldn’t keep still; I was constantly anxious and ready for the next drama to erupt.

Growing up in a home environment where there was constant chaos, and then having a baby at age sixteen where there was even more chaos and then living in a violent relationship where the chaos was now unmanageable; it’s a feeling that can become quite addictive. The adrenaline you feel from the chaos you live is almost like being on drugs.

As much as having the police, the DHS and federal police in my life was draining; I didn’t mind as it was that extra drama that fed my addiction. The fighting in my violent relationship was ok to me as it also fed my addiction for drama. I didn’t know how to live a drama free life.

When I removed myself from the violent relationship and tried to live a “normal” life away from drama and chaos I really struggled. I couldn’t live without this feeling and would find almost anything to complain about, to cause trouble about; just to feed my addiction.

Thankfully this is when DHS became involved in my life and I was forced to find a new way of living.

Instead of driving my drama into negative things; I started to find positive things to feed my addiction for chaos and drama.

The turning point for me was finding my trainee-ship when i was a 24 years old single mum with an 8 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old. When I started working at my job full time, I was in charge of three companies doing their bookkeeping. I had a traineeship to complete and I used these three companies as my hands on practising to complete this trainee-ship. I would have a trainer come and visit me each week, take my completed work for the week and give me my next weeks homework. I would complete these tasks earlier each time and managed to complete my trainee-ship months ahead of schedule because I was driving my drama into a positive new way of life.

I use to walk into my boss and tell him I was bored as I had finished my modules and I needed a new challenge. He was great and gave me a huge project of renovating the two factories that the company owned. I was in charge of the project management of totally refurbishing the offices in both factories, as well as project management of inside the factories, getting them up to a work safe level of building mezzanine floors, ripping out posts, building safety ladders, concreting new foot paths, organising electricians to put new factory lights in, ripping off the old roof timber and installing a new one; this was a huge project and one I thrived on. I was in charge of getting quotes, talking to the tradesmen about how I want it to be complete, hiring the tradesmen, and taking control of the whole project. My boss was absolutely shocked and proud of my accomplishments when I finished this project on time, under budget and with success. This project helped me feed my need for chaos. I have always thrived on working in challenging situations.

Once I completed this project and finished my trainee-ship modules I felt my job had become boring and I remember walking into my office one morning and thinking that all I had to do was invoices. I knew I didn’t have much work on and would be finished the invoicing by lunch time; I couldn’t stand sitting around and knew I would have nothing to do from lunchtime until 5pm home time. This particular morning I sat on my heater and cried at how bored I was in this role. I had already told my boss but he couldn’t give me much more as there wasn’t much work to give me. I then went and knocked on the CEO’s door and asked him if I could move up in the company and be offered another role, he told me there was nothing going and so I walked into the sales manager’s office and asked him if I could become a sales rep. I was knocked back and so I decided to resign. That was when I found my dream job in the funeral company and then when I had to resign from that job I built our company Brand Print Australia.

I finally found something positive in my life to feed my need for drama and chaos. I am always and forever telling my children to find positive things in life and put all of your energies into that. It is so easy to put your energy into bad things when you are use to chaos in your life. The answer is finding that positive thing that you love and then feeding that with all of your energy. In the beginning it’s so much easier to live a life of negative drama; living that way is so much easier because it feels “normal” but there is another way; you just have to be open to finding it. It’s going to be very confronting when you have to look inside yourself and make changes. Stop looking at the easy way out, because it’s not going to be easy. Be realistic and know it will take time, it will be hard and you will doubt yourself but keep pushing through. Once you start living a positive life, you will find this way of life is unbelievably easier to live than a life of negative chaos and drama.

Once you’re life is settled and you’re children are content you will wonder why on earth you didn’t search for this extraordinary life earlier.


Helllooooooo my friends… Well today is the day, the day that I have procrastinated on for so long to get this blog out into the big wide world. I have no other excuses for the delay other than I just didn’t want to commit myself to another weekly task, however I feel I have too much to share for it to stay inside me; I mean imagine if I died with all of my learning’s inside me, that would be such a shame LOL!!

Let me just introduce myself and my blog so that you get a glimpse of me and what I will be writing about.

Firstly I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL WRITER, I make mistakes and LOTS of mistakes, I sometimes swear and I sometimes talk about issues that most people in society don’t and won’t talk about; you know the TABOO topics such as; child abuse, depression, suicide, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy etc BUT I also talk about AWESOME topics such as; dreams, visions, business, creating positive lives, helping your children, goals, health, happiness and LOADS of positivity.

I prefer to speak directly from the heart. I don’t try to disguise the coarseness of my language – I swear, I’m crude and I’m not apologetic. I’m also generous, caring and quick to laugh.

You see nothing was handed to me on a platter…

Had I followed the usual script, I’d be either living on the streets, in jail, or dead. Instead, I chose to rewrite the script and have become a successful business owner, international speaker and have an extensive media profile.

My story and learning’s share my early experiences of growing up without my mum, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and domestic violence, and tells how despite being homeless and raising three babies alone I strove to change my life.

Through sheer determination, I beat the odds and turned my life around. I now have five children, and a supportive partner.

My story is a triumph over adversity; it is a true, warts-and-all story, and my topics are based on my own real life experiences so that others might learn and gain from my experiences, and my ultimate message to my readers is: don’t talk about your dreams, go out and achieve them!

Please if you feel your own friends on face book would benefit from subscribing to my blog; please share it as far and wide as possible. I want every single person who is feeling lost, scattered, and alone to come into my little inner circle and feel loved, heard and most important to feel they are not alone and they CAN make positive changes in their own lives.

Have a HAPPY day and keep your eye out for my next blog.

Ps I know this one is boring but I had to do the respectful thing and introduce myself and my little blog

Stacey xxx